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Here at 802 Energy Services, we believe in the power of renewable heating and making a difference.  Each home where we install a pellet heating system reduces its carbon footprint by 86% and many states offer significant incentives for switching from fossil fuels to wood pellets - which, according to the US EPA are carbon-neutral fuel.

We love working with homeowners to replace older, less efficient heating systems.  And, we focus only on the top pellet heating systems from Maine Energy Systems (MESys), so we can also get parts locally and quickly when needed.

We do pellet heating system installations, along with the installation of bulk wood pellet storage, and service the systems throughout their lifetime.  If you're interested in pellet heating, we would be happy to talk to you.  802 Energy Services covers the states of Vermont and New Hampshire.

We are also fully licensed and insured to install oil heating systems.  We can install or service your back up, or primary, oil heating system- hydronic or forced air.


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