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Pellet Boiler Installations

We install whole home pellet heating systems from Maine Energy Systems (MESys).  These systems are highly automated and extremely efficient.  We do installations in homes, but MESys boilers are installed in schools, institutions, and municipal buildings too.

Talking about Pellet Heating & Renewable Energy

We're passionate about renewable energy and pellet heating - if you want to talk about your options, we are here.  We've got experience working with these systems to help answer any technical questions you have.

Servicing & Maintenance

Pellet heating systems require annual cleaning and servicing just like other heating systems do - and we're fully qualified as MESys installers and service technicians.  Rest assured, we take good care of all the pellet heating systems that we install.

Bulk Wood Pellet Storage Options

When you decide to switch to pellet heating, or perhaps when you're just looking for a quote, we will visit your home and explore storage options with you.  There are indoor and outdoor (silo) options available and we can customize size too.

Pellet Furnace Installations

The MESys AutoPellet Air relies on the same technology as the AutoPellet boiler, but it is designed for hot air systems.  If you already have a hot air heating system, you could simply swap our your furnace - or you could change your heating at the time of install.

We work with MESys for Pellet Heating Systems

We work with Maine Energy Systems because they're local and the equipment is the best available.  They've been in the pellet heating business for over a decade and have bulk wood pellet delivery as well as equipment and parts.

Oil Heating Services

We promote renewable energy and pellet heating, however we are also fully licensed and insured for oil heating systems- hydronic and forced air.  This means that we able install, service, and maintain your backup, or primary, oil heating system.

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